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Product 16 - HDRI Map "Sky 2 - Cloudy Sea"

HDRI Maps > under pages "Skies'"
Sky 2 - Cloudy Sea


  • 4 types of image files

  • HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging "*.hdr") & JPG ("*.jpg")

  • HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging "*.exr") & PNG ("*.png")

  • Image resolution = 7800x3900 pixels

  • HDR image : Spherical map format, means full spherical panorama (360x180 deegres),

  • Filesize = 156 MB (ZIP archive)

HDRI environment map in low res , as a sample
An example of using a HDRI Map
Download HDR sample(2000x1000)

This sample is not for commercial use and may be downloaded for personal use only.

*This sample has been downloaded times
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